D'Bali Asian Bistro - where you're welcomed as family


I’m so excited to be sharing another collaborative blog post (you all know much I love them) with you all about a local restaurant that opened less than 6 months ago and has taken the food scene by storm. D’bali Asian Bistro is the star that I speak of, a place where you’re welcomed in like family.

When I first thought about sharing a blog post about D’bali I knew there would be no one better to collaborate with me on the written portion than the gal who discovered them and helped us all jump on the band wagon too, my friend Queena. She’s a dedicated local foodie and instagrammer (@foodorkittens) and she knows how and where to find the best of the best in the Spokane region. I also knew I would need eye-catching, make you want crazy hungry kind of pictures so I asked my friend Noreen (owner of Picture the recipe and Noreen Hiskey Photography) if she would also like to be involved. She is a very talented photographer and when it comes to food she especially excels in capturing the perfect shots. I’m feeling very hungry as I work on this post and get her pictures loaded.

As I mentioned D’bali is a place where you visit and you’re instantly welcomed into being family and that’s exactly a part of their heart and mission. Owner, Mama Jeannie wants her guests to feel like they are eating in the dining room of her very own house. This gem of a lady gives the most genuine and tight hugs and smiles with her entire face, it’s one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. Her heart for others and her desire to bless them through the incredible food she creates is something everyone should experience in their life. Since my first visit to D’bali in December I’ve taken my whole family back to eat, told numerous friends about it, sent extended family, hosted a giveaway with them and crave their food on almost a daily basis.

So without further ado I give you Queena’s blog post and Noreen’s gorgeous, hunger inducing pictures:


One fated day, I was perusing Instagram and spotted a post picturing a very happy Asian lady, Mama Jeannie. Her smile and happiness seemed so genuine that I had to go creep on the account. To my surprise, it seemed like a new Asian place was in town! Ok, Airway Heights is not really in Spokane, but it still counts. My eyes devoured all the delicious exotic food pictures. By exotic, I mean dishes not already found in this area, cuisines originating from countries that I’ve never seen or tasted before. I was hungry from curiosity alone.

I was also amazed I had eaten there so much and I’m not tired of the food. To date, I have eaten just about everything on the menu. While I enjoy the flavors of all of these Southeastern Asian dishes from Japanese to Indian to Singaporean to Malaysian, I think one of the most enjoyable aspects of eating here is eating it family style. You have your own order, but you get to try other people’s dishes either. If you’re not a sharer, this isn’t going to be the place for you. If you are a sharer, this spot is a gold mine. I was amazed that every time I brought new guests, they also enjoyed eating their food family style and were delighted with all of the flavors as well.

You’re probably not sure what to order so if you’re not that adventurous, the following are some of my favorites. The tom sum which is a tangy spicy papaya salad. Don’t get it if you don’t like spicy. The d’Bali signature wings are glazed with an eye-opening caramelized peanut sauce that friend savored who doesn’t even normally like wings. The rice at D’bali has the perfect texture that I so desperately seek when I eat Asian food, almost sticky rice in texture. I also highly recommend Nasi Goreng, Indonesian fried rice. It comes with an egg on top. If you like meat that falls off the bone, the Singaporean smoked pork ribs will fill that craving. It comes with yu choy greens and egg noodles. Also if you’re a vegetarian, just ask Mama Jeannie to modify it for you with tofu! If you’re one of those people who debates whether they should order dessert, don’t debate. Order it here. 10% of D’Bali’s dessert profits goes towards an animal shelter. She has several delectable options, but my favorite are the Hawaiian butter mochi pieces. She bakes them daily. The flavors are primarily butter and coconut with a soft, but chewy texture. They’re only $1.50 each and what’s even better is they are gluten-free! Rejoice my gluten-free friends! d’Bali also recently partnered with The Scoop for a collaborated ice cream flavor. Coconut lime. It’s tasty and refreshing. This time, my dairy free friends can rejoice.

While the food is delicious, you’ll probably keep coming back because of Mama Jeannie. She tries to support other local businesses by eating there on her day off and posting about it. Talk about community. She is so hospitable; she makes you feel welcomed like you just walked into your mom’s house and she’s ready to feed you. You won’t leave feeling hungry; Mama Jeannie will make sure of that!


As of today, April 1st, D’bali will be rolling out their brand new Spring menu items which will include the following and more, Thai-style lemongrass and clam soup, Passion fruit citrus panna cotta and Hokkien Mee.

All photos used courtesy of and with permission from Noreen Hiskey Photography.