3 Cheers for Cochinito


Today is the one year anniversary of Cochinito Taqueria opening in downtown Spokane. Let’s CELEBRATE with them!!!

Here is a fun little flashback from an interview I did with Chef Travis that was published the month before Cochinito open

:: You have some very exciting new things on the horizon, tell us about your new restaurant.

"Cochinito taqueria will be a fast-casual, chef-driven taco shop. In Spanish, Cochinito means "little piggy" which is a good fit because I've always been a bit pork focused anyways plus it's a nickname that my wife uses for me. It's a way to take the things I love, the same sourcing, the same techniques and attention to detail but doing it in a way that's a little more accessible than fine dining. People will be able to afford to come and bring their families. I'm excited to do something totally different. For most of my career I've done the sit down, expensive, special occasion, fine dining type restaurants and that's great, I have loved every minute of it but I think it's time to do something a little fresh, a little exciting, a little more low key and accessible. Something that makes sense for everybody. We will be sourcing locally whenever we can and sourcing responsibly. We will be using the techniques of fine dining but folding them into Mexican cuisine. Some of the fancier tricks with cooking styles, some of the braises, some of the molecular gastronomy touches but in a way that still makes sense with what we're doing. At its heart it will be rustic, regional Mexican food but there's a way to take some of those things and put a fun twist on them and make it pretty interesting. Show people things that make sense but totally different then they've seen before." Chef Travis looks forward to getting to interact with his patrons which I think is fantastic! "I love relating with people", he said, "but it's hard sometimes being tucked in the back, I really want it (Cochinito) to be an all hands on deck approach."

And now here we are seeing how that dream has become a reality that’s played out over the past 366 days. Bravo Cochinito team, BRAVO!! I asked Chef Travis if he and Justin would like to share a few words with the Spokane community and here is what they had to say:

“Hard to think that a little over a year ago we were still swinging hammers, slapping up paint and grinding out old rusty barn metal trying to get Cochinito open. Somehow we got the doors open and thanks to the love that Spokane has showed us since day one, we made it through our first year. We never would have gotten this dream off of the ground without so many friends helping us in so many ways. We never would have kept it open without the amazing team that keeps the machine running. Thank you so much to our crew, our families, our friends and most of all to everyone who has come to dine with us. We are so humbled by all the love you have shown. Here’s to many more! See you soon.”

- Travis and Justin. 

Cochinito is more than a place to get a fantastic taco, some delicious ceviche or a refreshing aqua fresca, it’s a place where you feel welcomed in…it’s a family, the Cochinito family. If you’ve been fortunate enough to visit Cochinito since their opening last year you know exactly what I mean and if you haven’t I highly encourage you to make your first visit happen soon and join the Cochinito family.

And now for your scrolling pleasure I thought I would share a handful of pictures of their beautiful food and drinks (be warned this will make you very hungry). All images used courtesy of Cochinito.

All images used courtesy of Cochinito

All images used courtesy of Cochinito