Wiley's Downtown Bistro

Image courtesy of  Dave Ainley Photography

Image courtesy of Dave Ainley Photography

Last month I had the privilege of coordinating a social media preview event for Wiley’s downtown bistro. These events are a time to gather with other local Instagrammers, enjoy a delicious meal and dining experience and then help spread the word about the local business we visit in the greater community through our social media channels. Our experience at Wiley’s was phenomenal, let me tell you, they knocked it out of the park, rolled out the red carpet for us and provided us with quite the feast to the point that when we all arrived some of the diners looked at the menu and asked, “are we eating all of this?” There was also some table side entertainment, about half way through our dining experience Chef Michael brought out cured egg yolks to grate onto the American wagyu steak he had prepared for us, the diners of course all began to ooooh and ahhh. Who doesn’t love enjoying a meal with a show too? We always have our phones at the ready and we work hard to get our shots just right, as the joke goes, “the camera eats first.” When we gather for these social media preview events, while yes the dishes of food get a lot of attention and are thoroughly enjoyed, our support and attendance is due to the fact that we want to be intentional about promoting these local businesses. Talented photographer and Spokane local, Dave Ainley owner of Dave Ainley photography did a marvelous job of capturing images of the 20+ dishes we were blessed to enjoy.


One of the ways that Wiley’s sets itself apart and something we noticed from our very first time dining there at the beginning of 2018 was the way that Chef Michael interacts with his guests. While he could maybe hide out in the kitchen or behind the title of Chef, he doesn’t, that’s not his way. He wants to meet and connect with the people who come into his restaurant and enjoy his food and that’s exactly what he does.

Another way in which Wiley’s sets itself apart is that they are VERY aware of those with special dietary needs and they really give special attention into caring for those guests. My fellow foodie friend Mandy (@Spokaneglutenfreeeats on Instagram) who has Celiac disease is impressed by how aware the crew at Wiley’s is about people’s dietary needs. During the social media preview many of the dishes were naturally gluten free but for those that weren’t Chef Michael and his crew made sure to make the needed modifications to the dish and so they could still be enjoyed by those with certain restrictions.


I’m going to share the menu that we were tremendously blessed to enjoy and savor to help you understand the level of amazingness that Wiley’s produces in their culinary creations. A HUGE thank you to Dave Ainley photography for taking these stunning pictures of our dining experience. If after reading through this menu and scrolling through the mouth-watering pictures you’re not hungry and ready to go visit Wiley’s and check it out for yourself well then I just don’t even know what to say, hehe.

//Social Plates//
Smoked Mozzarella - baguette | pine nut | roasted garlic | olive oil | miso

GF Smoked Mozzarella - baguette | pine nut | roasted garlic | olive oil | miso

Reuben Egg Roll - corned beef | swiss | kraut |pickled veg | reuben sauce | sweet hot mustard

//Seafood Bites//

Shrimp Cocktail - poached shrimp | celery | cucumber | cocktail sauce

Ahi Tower - sashimi yellowfin | avocado | red onion | tomato | wasabi tobiko | 3 sauces

Seared Scallop - scallop | bacon fat | berry compote | arugula | truffle oil | champagne vinegar aioli

Crab Puff - deep sea crab | roasted red pepper | green onion | lemon zest | puff pastry | citrus aioli

GF Crab Puff - deep sea crab | roasted red pepper | green onion | lemon zest | corn flake crust | citrus aioli

Poki Wrap - sashimi yellowfin | poke marinade | pickled roots | jalapeno | sesame

//Salads and Soups//

Jalapeno Cheddar Chicken | GF

Beet - goat chevre | hazelnut | roasted beet | truffle oil | greens | white truffle vinaigrette

Wiley wedge - wedge I bacon | smoked pumpkin seeds | gorgonzola | tomato | romaine | bleu cheese dressing


Duck Confit - huckleberry reduction | heirloom carrot | mash yukon

Crab Salmon - wild sockeye | crab mix | mushroom risotto cake | champagne aioli

Steak and Eggs - american wagyu | garlic shallot butter | cured egg yolk | twice baked au gratin

Karabuta Pork - cambazola triple cream | yellow zucchini | twice baked au gratin | pan sauce

Halibut Papillote - wild halibut | lemon | shallot | mushroom risotto cake | remoulade


Lava Cake - chocolate cake batter | raspberry puree | ooey gooey deliciousness

Creme Brulee - egg custard | bourbon caramel | whipped cream

“French Toast” - baguette | crème brûlée batter | bourbon caramel | candied pecan | whipped cream

“GF French Toast” - baguette | crème brûlée batter | bourbon caramel | candied pecan | whipped cream

Dairy Free Crème Brûlée - egg mix | coconut cream | huckleberry

Thank you once again to Dave Ainley Photography for providing me with these beautiful pictures for this blog post.