Local Farmers Markets


It's National Farmers Market Week this week so naturally I wanted to write a blog post to both share my excitement and I thought it would the perfect opportunity to once again encourage all of you to get out there and support local! Did you know that within the Spokane region there is a local farmers market every day of the week? For our family there is always something special about going to the market. The friends we run into, the vendors we get to meet and connect with, the items or products we buy, all the yummy food we eat and the list goes on. I think that part of what we feel and love is that feeling of being apart of something, that sense of belonging, the blessing that comes with supporting another person's dream by buying what they are offering to the world. 

Do you realize that when you support a local business you become a part of their story? Whether that is grabbing an ice pop from Fannie's ice pops, an artisan bar of soap from Caring Coconut, a melt in your mouth lavender caramel brownie from the Brunchkin, a flaky and delicious huckleberry pie from Bean and Pie, or fresh produce from all the incredible farmers in our region, you're supporting joining that story and advancing that dream. It builds, fosters and strengthens the tie of community between us all. Isn't that just the best?!

Below you will find the various markets in the Spokane and C'da region and their hours. You can link on each market to be taken directly to their website or Facebook page. Otherwise just enjoy some pictures below of the beautiful produce and flowers that are being produced by hard-working locals.


Hillyard farmers market 3-6PM


Fairwood farmers market 3-7PM


Spokane farmers market 8AM-1PM

Kendall Yards night market 5-9PM

Millwood farmers market - 3-7PM

Coeur d'Alene downtown Farmers market 4-7PM

Farmers market at Sandpoint 3-5:50PM


South Perry farmers market 3-7PM


Emerson-Garfield farmers market 3-7PM


Spokane farmers market 8AM-1PM

Liberty Lake farmers market 9AM-1PM

Kootenai County farmers market (in Hayden,ID) 9AM-1:30PM

Farmers Market at Sandpoint 9AM-1PM


Clayton farmers market 12-4PM