Brunching with the Brunchkin



One beautiful, little word that can hold such opportunity for memories and endless amounts of our favorite kinds of food. 

I've been counting down the days to the end of April for some time now. The reason being, there is a wonderful new brunch menu coming to town brought to us by the Brunckin and it's right around the corner. On Sunday, April 29th the Brunchkin will begin their pop up Sunday brunch series at Batch Bakeshop.

I originally met Jordan and Charlotte, owners of the Brunchkin, last Fall when I tracked them down after coming across them on Instagram.  I wanted to try their abelskivers and hear their story, I did and I loved both! If you'd like to read more of their story you can click here. It's been special to see the journey that their growing little business has been on since last Fall and now the exciting next step it's taking. I was thrilled when they invited me to enjoy a preview of their brunch menu during a Yelp event put on by Josi Hughes (Yelp ambassador here in Spokane) this past Sunday. It was a glorious sunny Spring morning to be out on the patio and we enjoyed every minute of our relaxed time together and every bite of the delicious food they provided us.

Jordan and Charlotte are feeling "excited and so happy" to see this dream of theirs "come to life in this small but satisfying way." They admit they are "definitely a little nervous" too. Although they have a big batch of recipes that they eventually want to get on the menu they decided to start with a handful of their favorites. They said they "hope to make sure there is something for everyone. Our Golden Granola Bowl and Forbidden Rice Bowl are both easily made vegan without sacrificing being creamy and satisfying."

Here is what you can expect. Starting this coming Sunday the 29th and going through October, every Sunday from 9am-2pm the Brunchkin will be serving Brunch at Batch bakeshop. Menus will be available at the counter where Jordan will be taking orders and giving out number cards. Charlotte says, "food will be brought to tables as quickly as our tiny kitchen can turn it out! There is no table service at the moment." Everything they serve is gluten free and they make everything they can from scratch. They will also be offering French press coffee and several tasty drinks including a spicy fresh juice and a blended matcha latte with homemade nut milk.

                                                         BRUNCHKIN MENU

Forbidden Rice Bowl - Black Rice // Cashew Horseradish Cheese // Lemon // Smoked Salmon // Avocado // Pickled Carrot

Forbidden Rice Bowl - Black Rice // Cashew Horseradish Cheese // Lemon // Smoked Salmon // Avocado // Pickled Carrot

Potato Rosti - Crispy Ghee Cooked Rosti // Feta Cream // Onion Jam // Over Easy Egg // Fresh Greens // Bacon

Æbleskiver - Pancake Balls // Raspberry Cardamom Jam // Espresso Whipped Cream

Golden Granola Bowl - Turmeric Spiced Granola // Strawberry Rhubarb Cardamom Maple Yogurt // Berries

Jordan and Charlotte would like everyone to know that they are expecting the opening day to be very busy with a wait time for tables so you may be better off coming for brunch in May. They said,  "please come and meet us!"


Batch Bakeshop is located at 2023 W. Dean Ave. Spokane, WA 99201