Luna is a stunning restaurant that has copious amounts of ambience and a strong European influence. Their food is prepared with pride and much attention is paid to the details of their flavor palette and presentation. After dining their recently I'd love to share about some of the dishes that I thoroughly enjoyed. 



Their pear and pancetta pizza is lite and is made fresh to order. Once we chose our menu choices and ordered I wandered over and peeked into the kitchen where I was able to watch a member of the kitchen crew slicing the pears for the pizza I had just ordered. That's the kind of fresh food I love eating and savoring. The beet salad is a perfect summer time salad that has arugula, eggs, radish and a white balsamic vinaigrette. Their artisan cheese plate epitomizes European snacking with its variety of cheese, sliced apples, grapes, lavash crackers, seasonal jam and almonds. Their tuna tartare has a lovely variety of flavors and textures. This dish includes avocado, tomato, red onion and the most amazing wasabi sauce. Oh my goodness, I made sure there wasn't a single drop of the left once I was finished eating. If you're looking for something fresh,  flavorful and a little different I would definitely recommend giving this a try. And last but certainly not least we couldn't leave without dessert. Their coconut cake is positively divine! It's flavorful and moist with toasted coconut, coconut cream and lemon curd and has an added bonus of vanilla gelato. Oh and did I mention flecks of edible gold. Yes gold. How could it be anything but marvelous? This cake needs to be on your foodie bucket list, you really do need this coconut cake in your life. Luna is definitely a Spokane dining treasure and one you'll certainly want to visit more than once.