The Greenbluff Gem


You know when you're scrolling through Instagram and something catches your eye? Well that is what happen to me last Friday and that's how I came across The Farmhouse on Greenbluff. Good golly, am I glad I did. I am now calling it the little "Gem of Greenbluff." Wow friends, what a marvelous addition to the bluff. I was so excited to find it and visit it that I thought I would even do a little blog post about it so I can share more with all of you. My hubby and I were already planning to head up to Greenbluff on Saturday for a little day date while our kiddos were doing some back to school shopping with my Mom. After seeing their Instagram post that slowed my scroll and reading a little about this brand new Greenbluff spot, I added it to our itinerary for the day.

Upon arriving and walking up to the little farmhouse, I was excited to see a "Welcome" rug incorporated into a layered rug look which I have been seeing on Pinterest. My sweet hubby saw me looking at an eye-catching black and white buffalo print rug that they had for sale and bought it for me so I can create the look at our house, yay! Speaking of gifts, they have a nice variety of unique flower vases. Plus you can grab some flowers to put in the vase as well and you're all set to go. I'd say that is some fantastic one stop shopping. For cut flowers, they have gladiolus, marigolds, zinnias and absolutely gorgeous dahlias. I literally couldn't even get enough of their white dinner plate dahlias you guys. I was full-on obsessing. They also have 24 varieties of potted mums that are available and will be blooming in the weeks ahead. Curious about the colors? They will have: pink, purple, red, orange, yellow and white. All the mums and cut flowers are grown right there on the property.

After wandering around and enjoying the charm of the little house and the beautiful cut flowers, we concluded it was time for a little snack. We decided on pretzel bread and a bottle of beer to share and then we headed out through the French doors to the nice patio area. I love the mixture of bistro tables and hay bales. It was the perfect little to snack to enjoy together while taking in the beautiful unobstructed views out across the Greenbluff fields. They are offering sweet and savory nibbles and goodies like cookies, scones and pretzel bread from local South hill business, 27th Heaven bakery. They currently have drip coffee available but will soon have cold brew and espresso. All from local roaster, Tom Sawyer coffee.

When you venture out past the patio area into the fields, you will find a welcoming fire pit area with some Adirondack chairs scattered around it. There are also several picnic tables with shade provided by adorable striped umbrellas. They also have a cute little hay maze for the kiddos and some fun yard games, corn hole and bocce ball. Everything is very family friendly. While visiting you'll see their adorable dog, Gunnar, wandering around and having fun with his yellow tennis balls. He looked to me like he wanted to have a conversation with us, seriously the cutest doggie. Owners, Mark and Crystal are also in the process of building a venue for weddings and as of now they are planning to offer elopements and small weddings from the little flower shop.

During our visit I was so in love with the charm of this adorable little house/flower shop that I kept telling Ryan that I was ready to move in, haha. I love the simplicity and the beauty of this place. Think Joanna Gaines. Having just visited Magnolia last month I could definitely see some lovely Magnolia influence. From the "Fresh cut flowers" sign to the vintage International truck out front to the bistro tables to the white and black buffalo print rug, as you look around and discover what has been created here, it's very apparent that a lot of thought and creativity has been put into this space.

This little gem is great place to intentionally add to your Greenbluff itinerary, or as my husband said, it would a great place to pop in and catch your breath when doing the Greenbluff circuit. Either way you should go check it out for yourself.

Are you ready and excited for a visit but are curious as to when they are open?

The Farmhouse on Greenbluff will be open on the weekends through October from 10am-6pm

Owners: Crystal and Mark

Their address is: 8515 E Greenbluff Rd. Colbert, WA 99005